Original Antique Italian Floor

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Original antique Italian Floor.

The recovery floors we have are all original, recovered from ancient villas, farmhouses or cottages in general.

It is in particular this, the most fascinating and intriguing part of this material, the consistency of the material in its subtle internal differences, the visible harmony that time can create.
The antique floors typically have a great personality in the definition of environments and yet compared to the rest of the furniture retain some discretion and instrumentality.

This makes them timeless, never intrusive and always so beautiful, I would say more and more lovely as time goes on, in a few words they won’t “tire” the home owner, who will love them even more each and every day.
The Antique floors in brick, stone and wood on exhibition have clear and specific characteristics. Firstly they have a extraordinary patina-pattern, meaning that it’s been worn over time giving its lovable and fascinating look.

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