Antique Italian Cement tiles

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At Lacole you can find beautiful antique italian floors, Cement tiles and Graniglia tiles to achieve elegant floors and walls.

These beautiful floors by the multiplicity of decors and colours are born at the end of the 800, when to build a large number of buildings in no time, they were looking for an easy and quick to apply material but also durable and long-lasting. Composed of a mixture of cement and sand and a layer of iron oxide in the case of cement tiles Floor, or small marble chips for Graniglia tiles, had mostly a square or hexagonal shape.It became a symbol, thanks to widespread use in the paving of the largest palaces in the new architecture of the period. Today the antique cement tiles floor and graniglia tiles are the most “wanted” not only to pave the most important rooms of the House, creating untold the Exchequer, elegant Greek and unique geometry, but also to clad vertical walls of bathrooms and kitchens. Our Cement tiles and graniglia tiles are all carefully selected and cleaned up the original recovery, to give it new life.

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