Antique Wooden Floors - reclaimed Parquet

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The antique wooden floors – Reclaimed Parquet.

The antique wooden floors are different from the modern wooden floors for their refinement, refinement and for the story they “tell”; in fact, the notes, the imperfections of the wood go in a different shade of color or to possible stuccos of a restoration, narrate the story of unique and exclusive and increasingly precise floors.

Lacole Casa Italiana recovers beams of antique houses to regenerate them in a unique plank parquet.

These types of wood overcome the passage of time and become a unique cover with the environment in which they are placed, enhancing and identifying the place.

The re-use of ancient beams takes place minutely:Each recovered piece is cleaned, restored, cut and worked by hand with planing and brushing.

The planing process is used to eliminate the rigidity of the saw when cutting the beams on the table and therefore makes the material smoother to the touch and similar to the original parquet that have achieved this effect thanks to the trampling of time.

The brushing is instead a treatment that allows to obtain in the floor surface a more rough effect to the touch and emphasizes the wood grain.

The holes of the teeth and other signs impressed by the time then then the product is unique a meticulous work that requires patience, precision but passion and in the end lets the nuances of wood emerge.

Our craftsmanship excellence, however, allows us to evaluate and advise the customer based on the needs of wood and finishes.In fact, our company generally works closely with the design in order to overcome the conventional limits and to achieve a single and personal purpose.

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