Antique Salvaged Buildings Materials

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Antique salvaged building materials.

Antique salveged building materials from Lacole Casa Italiana are genuine preciousness, the nobles survivors of a time immemorial.

These high quality structural components, legacy of the Italian art of building, come to us through centuries of history, full of irresistible charm.

Unearthed by experts and carefully selected, the antique salvaged building materials testify to our taste to inhabit and indispensable actors in the renovations and new construction of cottages, villas and luxury homes.

The distinctive feature of antique building materials salvaged by Lacole Casa Italiana is the extraordinary beauty of the original antiquity.

The inimitable lived surfaces is preserved and protected by a skilful restoration work and gentle cleansing.

The uniqueness of each individual artifact and the patina of time give rise in installation in construction masterpieces, recreating a dreamy atmospheres and places that seem to exist forever.

The emotional experience that can give these antique materials is priceless, their merge with the changing forms of nature bring to life suggestive scenarios that invite us to be lived, still and forever.

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