Antique fireplace mantels in stone, marble and wood

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Antique fireplace mantels in stone, marble and wood.

Always a central element in man’s dwellings, since the primitive bonfires, fire is the basis of life.Useful element for cooking, heating, defending, the fire goes through history and becomes a home, to express warmth and love between our walls. In our imagination, the ancient fireplace represents the archetype of everyday domestic life, the beating heart of a home. The mere sight of a fireplace gives us that ancient warmth which, even today, warms and rejoices the spirits. The marvelous antique fireplaces in stone, marble and wood of Lacole Casa Italiana are faithful witnesses of this millenary history, authentic masterpieces sculpted by man and time, in the splendid shapes of styles and eras.Imagine these ancient fireplaces in our rooms, to accompany meals, readings, rest, loves or, more simply, to be admired, as open curtains on the eternal spectacle of fire.An exclusive mantel for your unique home.
An accurate selection of antique fireplace mantels of central Italy and prevalence of Tuscany.
Unique pieces touched by time.

Only an original antique Lacole fireplace mantel and makes it. Browse the catalogs: precious mantels selection.

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