Antique stone fireplace mantels up to 180 cm wide

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Antique stone fireplace mantels up to 180 cm wide.

The excellence of fireplace in Italy is the stone fireplace. It often happens, visiting old villas, residences, art itineraries, as well as rustic farmhouses, to admire them, sometimes perfectly preserved, given the hardness of the materials.

The stone fireplace is present in every style of art, with shapes and personalities. For this reason, those who proceed to furnish the interiors of their home, in addition to having many arrows in their bow, will often find it difficult to choose the ‘right piece’.

Considering then that within a style a fireplace can have a double value; the Renaissance fireplace, for example, sometimes has gigantic dimensions, pilasters, ornate corbles, various carving, as well as other times it has linear characteristics combined with a sense of depth.

We therefore need knowledge, passion and maybe a ‘little help’ thet we will be ready to give.

However, it is undisputed that a stone fireplace is particularly suitable for heating, not only with the flame, but also as a presence that keeps company. It is a friend and it is a jewel for display, it has by its nature the quality of standing up and protagonist of the environment in wich it is placed. For this it will be essential, when choosing, to have many options in front of you ( in Lacole you will find over 100 stone fireplaces all rigorously original from the period), to have rather clear ideas on the style in which you want to furnish, to have sectorial knowledge and sensitivity, as well as a great desire to learn new secrets. We are here to advise you and put our experience at your service.

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