Majolica tiles 10 x 10

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Majolica Tiles 10 x 10.

Majolica tiles 10 x 10 ‘Arabic style’ also known as ‘Zellige‘. The use of Zellige was initially for the lining of fountains, Turkish baths and Hammams. These majolica tiles are almost always with a geometric pattern and individually chiseled, they were born from the need of Islamic artists of Muslimreligion to create spatial decorations but who avoided representations of living beings as they are not consistent with what is prescribed by Islamic teachings.

The history of Majolica tiles 10 x 10.

Their history is lost in time, but it was the Moors who began to made them around 700 until 1492. Even today each pieces is made entirely by hand, including its decoration always performed by free-hand artists.

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