Antique Majolica Tiles

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Antique majolica tiles for the kitchen, the bathroom, to the outer corner.

Lacole Casa Italiana offers a wide selection of beautiful antique italian majolica tiles and antique Masterpieces of Arts and crafts, these hand-painted ceramics are perfect fine stationery to embellish your home.The traditional use of majolica tiles tradition is manifold, they lend themselves to recreate gorgeous hardwood floors and black dress up walls of bathrooms and kitchens.

In country rustic kitchens the antique majolica tiles are a vibrant adornment, cutlery usefully close to fires, under the pots, or on countertops. Outdoors, the colorful reasons for these ancient times depict unique atmospheres, creating exquisite spaces. Antique majolica tiles of this quality give each room a special character, a real personality, comes in all colors and geometries of regional folklore and traditional Mediterranean style.

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