Antique Wooden Fireplaces

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The antique wooden fireplace was typical of the houses of rich lords and served as a finishing mask for the hearth or as a simple aesthetic instrument aimed at embellishing rooms or particular rooms.

If we were to recommend our dear customer, honestly we could not say that the wooden fireplace fits any type of home or environment.

A quick glance at the many examples in our warehouse, immediately catch the eye elegant style and refined (mostly ‘Baroque, Louis XIV, Louis XV, Louis XVI, Empire), the use of wood or lacquering rather ” challenging “, the presence of decorations or golden reliefs.

It is also true that the wooden fireplace has an intrinsic subtlety that makes it capable of giving that “march” more “that sort of exclusivity”, to which the noblemen of the past held the moment they were living with the members to the same class.

Ultimately he who intends to use in the furnishing of his house, must take into account, that the wooden fireplace, does not “accept” to pass in the secondary, but is more than ever protagonist and characterizing and is in some way conditioning the rest furnishing of the same environment.

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