Antique Chesterfield armchairs

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English original antique Chesterfield armchairs.

To furnish every corner of tour home with taste and elegance, at lacole Casa Italiana, you will find beautiful antique Chesterfield armchairs and sofas selected directly from our staff from UK. Not trivial reproductions, but original sofas from the mid-1900s. the result of careful research.

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The name of these sofas derives from the English town of Chesterfield,in fact is said that the first Chester sofa was commissioned by the then Earl of the well-known town. The Chesterfields began to be more successful during the Victorian time. They were made of genuine leather with a particular capitonnè processing finished with buttons. The particular feature that differentiates them from other sofas is that the armtrests are the same height as the backrest, this applies to the both the sofas and the Club armchairs.

While the armchairs called Queen Anne (or Bergere) have a high and eveloping backrest. The presence of cracks, differences in grain, wrinkles, veins and any other traces that time has left on the leathers of these sofas and armchairs, should be proof of the absolute authenticity and testimony of their great value and therefore represent an added value for the choice of a vintage sofa.

However our Chesterfield Sofas are all in excellent condition and in any case already restored.

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