No marriage is equal to another. Luckily. Each is a sum of dreams, wishes, personality clues that end up representing the style of a couple. The first rule is to inspire, never copy. The most beautiful day is yours and only belongs to you, exclusive.

History and tradition of the wedding list
As with many other aspects of the wedding organization, the wedding list is also rooted in American culture and comes to us only afterwards. This useful system was born in the early twentieth century in the United States and has spread to Italy in the early 1970s, not without generating reticence and controversy. Today, the wedding list has become a very important aspect in organizing a marriage. It is in 2006 that this concept is finally being renewed thanks to the arrival of a new generation of wedding lists on the market: the online wedding list.

What to be gifted?
Think about what your needs are: are you leaving your parents home for the first time, or do you have a single house or are you still living together? Once you have framed your situation, start from an inventory of what you have available. For example, if the "everyday" table is already complete, you can invest more in the so-called "exclusive".

The wedding list is an opportunity to make a dream come true.
Customize it as best you believe without hesitation: not just porcelain, sheffield, silverware and textiles, but also antique furnishings, garden furnishings, home accessories... all in order to make you happy. Remembering the wedding list is a sort of wish list of the couple, make them come true!

It is important that your online wedding list be published, so even farther and farther friends will be able to access it and choose the gift they want for you.

In Lacole all this is possible! We offer you many ideas and exclusive solutions for your wedding list:

Table accessories
Porcelain and ceramic products made with the brand Lacole Casa Italiana in porcelain or ceramic, manually decorated on inspirations of ancient motives. Services of dishes, serving trays and cups of ancient manufacture dating back to the mid-1800s. Ancient English Sheffields from the 7th to the 8th century, unique puffed pieces. Precious silver and crystalline.

Accessories and furnishing accessories:
Napkins and curtains, quilts and bed linen, bath towels of the most prestigious brands such as Mastro Raphael, Pure Art, Giuliana Embroideries and Cuccagna.
Tree For a refined and elegant home in details, you will also find beautiful antique mirrors and frames that perfectly fit with any kind of furnishings. Elegant candleholders and iron, bronze or brass candle holders to create an atmosphere with the natural light of the candles. Affordable sideboards and antique windows and a wide choice of tables and chairs to nicely and tastefully decorate every corner of your home. 'Great welcome to your guests, offer them a comfortable sofa or a nice armchair, a rustic chair or a stylish chair or, why not, a cozy garden sitting.

Choose Lacole Casa Italiana for your home, start your journey among our items starting from our interiors.