We at Lacole Casa Italiana often, for both passion and work, often dwell on the creative potential of a refurbishment. How do you choose doors, windows, floors and all the decorative elements to make the home in our minds and in our dreams?


We usually ask our customers to close their eyes and imagine. What?
Do you try to close your eyes, project your desires and ask yourself what you really need to offer your "new home": just so it will shape the design of a cut plant on your needs.

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Think about how you would like to move in your spaces, what kind of lights would you like to meet in the ambiance you would like to live in. Here's how this game will make it all easier, a simple imaginative exercise that will guide you in choosing every single element essential to yours restructuring.

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Measure yourself serenely in the choice of materials, giving you an impression of personal character and taste in the environments. You can also come across different materials, always remembering that it is the overall vision that makes the difference, and if you try to restructure a rustic or anyway, never forget your past.

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P.S .: small Useful news, this year at the Venice Architecture Biennale entitled Fundamentals, at the center of the debates will be precisely the basic elements of a refurbishment, here the info

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All photos of this article come from renovations of our kind customers with Lacole Casa Italiana material