Between July and August life moves outdoors, in the countryside, in the sea and in the city, all want to live en plein air kissed by the sun and caressed by a light breeze. The garden or our terraces are the ideal places to set up Parties and small receptions between friends and relatives, the important thing is to be able to organize the space and make the most of every corner available. Create your outdoor ideal either on the terrace or on the balcony or in the garden, the open space to be furnished in both Countryside or city, it's easy with our little style tips.

: smell and sight will be satisfied if we decorate with colorful and fragrant plants and flowers. We choose citrus or Provençal herbs to create a typically Mediterranean atmosphere. But also roses, geraniums moving away from mosquitoes, or strawberries, perfect for our garden cocktails.
We use terracotta or iron planters, whether old or aged, to be perfect in both rural and rural contexts. Modern home gardens, creating a beautiful contrasting effect.

Vaso in ferro azzurro, scrostato dal tempo
Vase in blue iron, weathered with time

Fragole in un vecchio vaso in terracotta
Strawberries in an old terracotta pot

TABLES AND SITTING: When decorating an outer space you can not give up style. Choose soft textiles and create chromatic links with flower centerpiece or placemat, is a choice that will make every space cozy. A wooden table or iron complemented by comfortable seating will make you a true oasis of relaxation!

Ferro bianco per un tavolo stile shabby
White iron for the shabby antique table

Sedute bianche per tavolo e sedute dallo stile romantico
White seats in romantic style

INDISPENSIVE TEXTILES: Whether it's a brunch, a breakfast, a lunch or a cocktail party, it's important to serve with class, but be careful to choose the most suitable occasion service combined with colored textiles or anyhow in chromatic harmony.

Piante e fiori che si armonizzano con i toni del verde della seduta in ferro
Plants and flowers that harmonize with the tones of green in the iron seat

I colori dell'estate per i piatti e i tessuti di Lacole
Summer colors for Lacole dishes and fabrics

POOLS AND FOUNTAINS: The outdoor becomes more comfortable if there is a fountain, useful to cool off but also to fill our fresh water tanks! Many tips can be found here by reading here

Una vasca in pietra diventa una fontana decorativa
An ancient marble washbasin becomes a beautiful decorative fountain

Pozzo in pietra e mattoni, centro focale di un bel giradino
Stone and brick well, center of a beautiful garden

Whether you live in a city, whether your country is a country or a manor, it is important to choose furniture in harmony with the style of your home.
Lacole with your magazine love to provide you with advice and solutions, you can complete your You can search through all the categories on!

Good summer!

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