A beautiful Sunday in May, a small enchanted corner of Umbria, a fairy tale castle and a singer like Michele Zarrillo.Add beautiful fabrics and designes of spring tones, comfortable armchairs, prestigious atmosphere, exceptional food… here is that all the ingredients, for our SPRING PARTY!lacole_interniSunday, May 4 th, Lacole casa italiana, will celebrate spring with a wonderful party open to all, which will start the morning with a morning buffet and guided tour with our team throughout the Show Room.lacole_interni_2In the afternoon we will hold small workshops where chefs and interior designers will guide you through fun cooking lessons and style lessons. An exclusive concert with Michele Zarrillo, our great friend and lover of these beautiful places, in the immense Show Room, will make the day sweeter. Eva Santucci will open the concert, and you will not be able not to dance!lacole_interni A great finger in the garden will close this wonderful event spent with you!dolci_motivi_albero_della_cuccagna

Summary program, free entrance and open to all:

10:30 am Good morning buffet in our Limonaia (lemons room)
11:00 am Workshop of the company of fabrics Tuscany “L’Albero della Cuccagna“
11:30 am Guided company through the 30,000 square meters of our exposure
13:00 pm AperitifThe afternoon will be an opportunity to discover the little secrets of style with our workshops led by professionals
16:00 pm Workshop: a picnic eco-chic, for an event or just for an outing with friends. How to set up the lawn using fabrics, elegant decanters, glasses and plates, wicker baskets. All for an unforgettable day
16:30 pm Do you know the cupcakes? We will teach how to decorate them and present them in elegant old porcellain english cups
17:00 pm Opening concert with Eva Santucci, follow the concert exclusive of Michele Zarrillo
19:00 pm Aperitif in the garden greetingAre you ready? We wait for you at lacole casa italiana, Via Della Libertà 56 Pistrino di Citerna, Umbria.Info 075-857.94.98 / 075-997.525.44, or go to our contact form here!