We are in May and finally comes the much-anticipated PARTY OF SPRING by Lacole Casa Italiana.
This year we will have the honor and pleasure of hosting a great artist, painter and friend: Natino Chirico, who will present one of his wonderful works. "Past and Future, the Flight of Peace" this is the title of the work, realized with the collaboration of Porte del Passato and currently exhibited at the exhibition "Mythologies of an eternal present" in Spoleto .. but we will not reveal anything else ... you will appreciate it on the Party day!

Natino Chirico a Lacole Casa Italiana

Natino Chirico was born in the beautiful Reggio Calabria in 1951.

After completing the studies at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, and then in Rome, she began to paint and exhibit very young. Since 1971 he participated in more than 110 exhibitions, of which 70 are personal in the main Italian cities and abroad, with awards and awards in national and international.

Opera Natino Chirico

Sunday, May 29th Lacole Casa Italiana will celebrate Spring with a special day that will start in the morning with a tasty good morning buffet and guided tours with our Team at the entire Showroom.

Party di Primavera 2016

In the afternoon workshops will be held by industry professionals and interior designers who will guide you in funny style lessons. We will start with the RESTORATION art with Marco and Giovanni, true professionals, who for many years carry this craft with passion and dedication and with Which Lacole Casa Italiana usually collaborates with. Specifically, we will see the ancient technique of Gilding Gilding, which involves the application of the Golden Leaf above the essential element bolus as its adhesive power together with that of the glue allows to adhere the leaf and allows polishing or The burning.

Marco e Giovanni i restauratori

Another beautiful work shop will focus on the art of SCALPELLATURA with Sauro real artist. The art of the Stonecutter is one of the oldest in our culture and boasts a centuries-long history ... it has had a great flourish in the Middle Ages and in the Renaissance of Florence. It contains thousands of secrets because at the end of the process of processing and transformation, from a stone, a true work of art is born.

Il Mestiere dello Scalpellino

We will then be able to design and realize the Gardens with BOTANICA GARDEN.
Laura Pescari will give you a thousand ideas and tips on how to make a fun and exclusive garden that changes over time. How to create scenic views, like having fruits, flowers and colors in each season.

Laura Pescri di Botanica Garden

And then beautiful floral decorations will frame the event. With the Nicoletta Flowers we will see how to create beautiful bouquets, and center table taking into account the seasonality of the flowers.

I fiori di Nicoletta

All this immersed in the warm and magical atmosphere of Lacole .. the day will be enlivened by Music and Buffet! Free admission and open to all Are you ready? We look forward to you at Lacole Casa Italiana, via della Libertà 56 Pistrino di Citerna, Umbria.Info (+39) 075.857.94.98 | (+39) 075.997.525.44