It is spring inside the house too, and the feeling for renew is needed, after a long winter you have the desire to “recolor” your home with fresh colors and floral fabrics. Decorating with tissues as it is “to dress up” the house by giving an impression and unmistakable style.

How to choose the right fabric for your home?
The choice of a fabric such as a dress, gives character and personality to our home: curtains, pillows, blankets, tablecloths are furnishings that talk about our character and our style.

To decorate your home with fabrics, where should you start?
If the intervention that we have in mind is a makeover of a house, we can start from what already exists and match curtains, cushions, bedspreads, they should be in total harmony color or contrast, depending on the effect you want to achieveFor example, if our house is already fully furnished but needs a touch to make it special, we might think of starting from coatings of the sofas, curtains and or follow along with the matching pillows, bath towels and kitchen towels. The important thing is to have an overview of our furniture and what we want as final result

How to choose the curtains?
The curtains as other pieces of furniture should be chosen considering the environment, light, furnishings, those can be read and airy, which allow to filter the light, or important damask. Respect the harmony remains the key to get a good esthetic result.

How to choose the fabric for the sofa?
In the market there are a lot of beautiful fabrics, fresh and easy to clean, like those proposed by the company Florence L’Albero della Cuccagna. But do not just think of the sofa, you can revisit kitchen chairs, ottomans, benches, headboards. Always choose colors that are harmonious with each other.


What are the best fibers for our soft furnishings?
Natural fibers are always to be preferred. A wide range of fabrics for furniture allows us to choose between natural fibers such as linen and cotton, as well as chenille, velvets and damasks

The choice of a fabric for furniture has to match with the colors of the house?
There is no precise rule, certainly for a house cool and elegant color tones should be the same, but, at times, tones and contrasting colors indicate a desire to dare and a very strong personality, and if they well match, they could be beautiful and impressive.


Is It possible to combine very elegant fabrics with other called minimalist?
Sure! Playing with contrasts to give personality is a solution that gives pleasent result and that allows us to express our creativity.

How to choose the fabrics for our kitchen?
In the kitchen you can opt for the classic tablecloths but also choose runners that are very practical. Do not forget the built-in kitchens, which are often characterized by small colorful curtains.


And the fabrics for the bathroom, what is the best way to are chose them?
Rely on cotton cloths and sponges, also in this case the colors can be combined with or in contrast to the tiles and furnishings. a touch of class that denotes the know-how to welcome and introduce our guests is the disposable washcloths maybe lying in a beautiful wicker basket.


On what companies should we choose quality fabrics made in Italy?
All photos of our service are the tissues that sell in Lacole. We rely on the company florentine L’Albero della Cuccagna. A beautiful Italian reality with beautiful fabrics ranging from soft natural colors to pastels, which are flanked superb floral fantasy and precious products. We can make a customization of every piece of furniture, very important element to give our homes unique style and unrepeatable!