An explosion of colors and scents, tells us of a spring just blossomed in our gardens that turn into corners to enjoy each moment of the day with the help of comfortable seating, beautiful decorations and flooring, comfortable and functional.A corollary to the outdoors, plants and flowers of many colors. Are you already taking care, or thinking about how to organize your green space? We can help you!


The planning and design of a garden is a task enjoyed by many, especially those who have a garden as part of their home. From plants decoration with statues and accessories, from furniture to flooring, everything has to be studied in detail for a perfect garden.


If you want to spend your spring and summer to sunbath in the garden, you need a good collection of garden furniture: tables and chairs, garden furniture, benches and chairs, and should never be underestimated, not that of a pavement heat build up but it is always fresh.


Wrought iron tables, white and rust-colored statues, columns, fountains, are all elements of furniture and decorative that you will find at Lacole Casa Italiana
, everything set in small sets and fantastic views, click here you will have a clear idea of ​​what you can find, and you can order directly from our website by writing in the form of information on the main page.


The flooring is crucial
, not only to cover walking areas and passing, but also for defining and structuring pools spaces dedicated to conviviality. A pavement that is not only functional, but beautiful and gorgeous impact becomes detail that attracts attention. Here you will find a large selection of flooring suitable for any garden.


Lacole Casa Italiana is the reference point of many of the world that rely on our passion for this work, it is easy to order from the Web site, you can email to us or contact us on the phone and if you know how much care we put into every shipment, please click here!


Enjoy your gardening!