Choose the rigth ancient floor for your home is definitely an exciting time but it might give some difficulties. You can choose a floor by your-self or entrust it to a professional advice With this our small guide, we want to advise you how to choose the perfect flooring for your home. The first question which will be decided for the home of our dreams is:

What style is my house and how can I keep and preserve it?

For a period house means an old mansion or a country house. For a period house or an old mansion or a country house. The difference, as well as in the history, is also visible in the materials. In the case of country houses, where the floors are still partly standing, may be worn by time and the foot traffic, will generally have a rustic connotation. Mansions in the appearance of materials will be more luxurious and elegant and the level of conservation, will be better then the signs of wear and tear will be few and inconspicuous.

Tappeto in cotto quadrato
Gimpse of embedded mosaic floor, terracotta, ancient square tiles of various colors, from red-rosato to yellow-rose, used as a frame. At the center were laid 4 wonderful Neapolitan majolica tiles dating back to 1700. You can admire it at the entrance of our Show Room.

What flooring should I choose: original floors and then vintage or reproductions?

When we choose an apartment or a period home, what attracts us is also the charm that emanates.The ancient beauty must be preserved as intact as possible, the choice of flooring must fall on stone floors, brick or wood from the same period of the house. The antique flooring, are always preferable.

Scale in rovere
Stairs to loft, oak of antique patina.

What are the benefits arising from the choice of an ancient floor?

The old floor, such as cotto floors or stone floors or wood, were designed and created to last a lifetime.For this reason, when we observe an ancient floor this gives us an idea of solidity that no new floor is able to give us.An ancient floor in addition to preserving the beauty of the story of our house has the benefit of eternal life!

Pianelle da soffitto montate come pavimento, per un effetto  estremamente rustico.
Ceeling tiles used as flooring to get a rustic look

How comfortable and functional an ancient floor?

We think of the life that was led in the past centuries: a few comfort and a lot of hard work were the order of the day. The floors of the period were then designed to withstand, to be functional.Features which still, we think, for example, to the beautiful stone floors of the old kitchens of country houses: they are resistant to impacts, scratches, or do not absorb oils or other liquids!

Pavimentazione in cotto esagonale
Hexagonal terracotta flooring ideal for not very large rooms.

How do you choose an old floor?

Think of the different rooms in a house and their different functions. In a dwelling subject to a careful restoration, flooring must not be the same in every environment, but must be different and suitable for use in every room.In the kitchen and dining room will be a choice in flooring antique terracotta or stone, while in the environments suitable to accommodate dedicated to sleep and are preferred old wooden floors.

Pavimentazione in cotto rettangolare
Terracotta brick paving, rectangular, rustic finish.

How to figure out which flooring is best for my home?

The renovation of a house always starts with something exists, even in the case of a ruin is possible to understand from a “small frieze” of remaining wall or floor, if our building was in the past a stately home or a country cottage.The difference is in the coating. A floor from the old patina more smooth, should be choosen for a stately home, as opposed a floor by more engraved and worn patina should be used for a country house, so, the more rustic.

Pavimentazione in cotto rettangolare
Floor terracotta tiles,rectangular, rustic finish.

Is it important to choose the same floors and original materials of the some age?

No, a floor can be made ​​of gray stone, or yellow stone. It is not a fixed rule to use the same stone, it is important to use instead floors whose function was similar.
For example: in a house in a city center we do not recommend a floor once used in an old country house.Knowing how to respect this principle preserves the beauty of the home.

Pavimentazione antica in pietra chiara
Ancient paving stone, rectangular, color light golden cream.

How do I choose the color for an old floor?

The colors of the old materials, whether wood or brick or stone, depends on many factors: the area where they are from, the light they have received, the function they have acquitted.We choose the color tones according to our taste, but we make sure that the various materials fit together and “speak” the same language.

Pavimentazione antica in pietra chiara
Ancient paving stone, rectangular, color ligth golden brown-cream.

Can I mix in the same environment a tiled floor and a stone floor?

Ancient brick and stone have a different story, it may be aesthetically nice, but is not very functional.
Brick and stone have worn several different and must receive attention. Therefore we do not recommended the alternation in the same environment of different materials..

Parquet in rovere antico
Antique oak flooring.

Can I use a stone floor in the bedrooms??

Stone is a heavy material as well as very durable. Was not, by virtue of these features, never used on the upper floors, where, as a rule, are located environments for hospitality and sleep.The bedrooms are best in wooden flooring or terracotta tiles.

Parquet in rovere antico montato a listoni
Antique oak planks flooring.

What are the costs of antique floors?

Each floor has its ancient features that are not only given by the material itself, but also the origin and state of preservation.The prices so, are different from one to another , as prices are different for the materials and their origin.

Esempio di composizione con materiali antichi
Example of composition with old materials

Where to find antique floors?

You must choose professional dealers , that select materials with care, who can tell you about the product and recommend the most suitable materials for your needs and at the same time respect the history of your house keeping intact the beauty and charm.In Lacole Casa Italiana there is a wide selection of antique floors ready for delivery.

Magazzino pavimenti antichi 1