The antique mirror inside a home is an important decorative element and at the same time it can be a complement of furniture that can enhance and visually widen the environments.

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A mirror, with a beautiful and theatrical antique frame, enriches, illuminates and makes a room larger.

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Antique mirrors, large, small, with or without frame, singles or in various compositions, can perform various functions within the furnishing, all capable of enriching and improving the harmony of the environments.

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If placed at the right point, the mirror can exalt the light sources or even create one where it is not present.

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In windows-free environments such as corridors and decompression, the same mirror can be a source of reflected light. In these rooms, usually narrow and long, the ideal solution is the arrangement of several mirrors. In this way, besides increasing the brightness, a touch of elegance and originality will also be given to the environment.

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In the living room or in the dining room a mirror (or more) can be used to reflect the light and expand the spaces, but for these rooms the mirror can add value to embellish the corners in particular.

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For example, where there is enough space between a window and a wall or between two inner walls, two mirrors can be placed next to the lights or lamps that amplify the brightness, thus creating the effect of two additional windows inside Of the room.
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If there is also a fireplace in the living room above a mirror, it will give it light and, at the same time, the warm reflected light of the flames will make the whole environment brighter.

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For those who prefer classical and elegant style, mirrors with golden and inlaid frames will be the ideal solution. For a rustic-style home, the mirrors hanging on the wall, perhaps embellished with a particular frame, will make each room even more welcoming. The effect that gives the environment a rustic frame mirror, resting on a warm fireplace, is also wonderful.

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Finally, to decorate your bathroom, you could choose from dozens of possible combinations! If you love big mirrors, you could pick one on the wall, or you could choose to put some wooden frame mirrors over your bathtub for a retro, familiar, and really elegant look.

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Here are the ideas for tastefully decorating your home, taking advantage of the very good mirrors, certainly not, and you do not have to choose the one that suits your environment! All photos are from the Lacole Casa Italiana showroom