One of the first true bathing rooms of the story was that of Princess Sissi, it was a real dressing room with galvanized copper tubs and tubs, with hot and cold water. Since then many steps have been taken but all have a single factor: our bathrooms are also the place of well-being, where you want to take care of yourself. Here, then, the care of furnishings and details becomes central, and a beautiful bath can be the fulcrum of relaxation.


What style should we have in our bathroom? As far as the aesthetically beautiful things are concerned, the bathroom always opts for furniture elements that combine aesthetics and practicality. This can be simple in newly built homes, which have a modern and minimal style, and on the market there are many beautiful and functional solutions. But if ours is a period dwelling, or an apartment in the old town, or a country house... then what is the next question...


How can I decorate an antique bathroom?
Arranging a bathroom that is either in an ancient mansion or in a country house requires attention and love for the details. We can start from the evaluation of the color of existing or modern floors in the case where the house has undergone partially conservative renovation. We know that the two bidet and toilet tubs will certainly be picked with a recent bill, while the bath and wash basin can be in ancient stone or marble.


I can combine modern elements with ancient elements?
Combining ancient to modern is a solution with a great aesthetic value, much used by modern architects, to enhance all the beauty of both the modern style and even more of the rustic or antique pieces.


How to choose an antique washbasin or bathtub?
If ours is a noble residence, we can choose, according to our tastes and location, for washbasins, marble basins or stone materials. If our home is a rustic cottage, the choice will not fall on marble, luxurious and noble, but we will choose for washbasins or old stone basins.


What size do you have to have an antique washbasin?
The choice of size depends on the size of our bathroom, as well as personal taste. What we need to focus on is the style that must be respected in our home. We can choose between different shapes and styles, both marble and stone washbasins, we prefer shell or rectangular shapes, oval or very simple. In the case of stone washbasins we would prefer a smooth, slightly wrinkled stone for an elegant dwelling, while we will choose for a more rustic stone if we have a rustic countryside. In all cases, the old surface patina must be beautiful enough to make the time elapsed.


How practical is an ancient washbasin? Many advantages of this choice. We have already mentioned that the ease of use and washing are characteristics that we do not want to give up. Compared to the practicality of a ceramic washbasin and a stone or marble washbasin, the latter offer unquestionable advantages: they will not accumulate limestone unhealthy, they will not stop the odd "water droplets" on the surface, they will not require the use of anti-lime or No specific or aggressive product.


Is it possible to match any bathtub or washbasin with any faucet?
Of course, if it always remains the rule that materials must have a common language. Then antique brass taps or any other antique flavor will be perfect. Even in these cases it is forbidden to dare with modern antiquity, but always dictated by good taste.


Can I "lay" my marble or stone bath on an antique parquet?
Surely you, even if it is not the best choice if you want to follow the road of practicality. Of course an old stone or tiled floor is the choice that guarantees a beautiful aesthetic effect plus a great functionality! On our website and in our showroom you will find a large selection of washbasins and tanks, a quantity that will guarantee you a safe and secure choice convinced.

Lacole's team will provide you with every useful advice and will tell you the story of the unique piece you are admiring.