In the renovation of a cottage or a villa is also very important the external space.

pavimenti esterni lacole

The garden or the outdoor avenue is in fact the business card of every home, so care and attention must be paid to the choice of materials, which, of course, have to be married well with the whole context.

viale con pavimentazione antica

To get a good aesthetic and functional result we have to close our eyes and imagine what the original appearance of our home is.

antica fontana

It is important to know how to choose the type of flooring, the right materials, the most suitable colors, this choice may seem difficult, as it may seem difficult to find the original antique materials, it really is not.

accesso con antica pavimentazione

The secret is to know every single element, every single stone, to grasp the nuances between the lines and above all to be in love with the "timeless" materials.

pavimento antico lacole

The Lacole Casa Italiana exhibition space can help you with this. A large warehouse where you can view antique, exterior, stone and cooktop floors, as well as illustrate with seriousness and expertise every single element


Surely after visiting and seeing our vast exposure, you will be invaded by a pleasant "distraction" so much is the quantity and choice of materials available; But after a moment of "local mind", everything will seem easier. We will always be on your side to advise you and guide you in your choices or to answer your questions.


Our collaborators can also facilitate the precious work of companies and professionals who are in charge of your renovation work.


An old tiled or stone floor will never tire you, but with time it will become more fascinating, one with you and with your home! Good work and good choice with Lacole Casa Italiana!