Lacole is not only ancinet materials but also objects of prestige, exclusive ceramics and precious fabrics. All set in an extraordinary Showroom.

Sunday, March 30th we will open the bride and groom, a special day to present exclusive wedding lists.

A special atmosphere decorated in white tulle and flowers, wedding cake of your dream , will make suggestions of the magic day of “Yes “We will be hosting the best wedding professionals who will stage the moments of preparation for a bride.Our guests will experiment from alive the makeup, the creation of a hairstyle, special dress and tested a real photoshoot! All immersed in the wonderful atmosphere of Lacole.A beautiful table spread and the most beautiful floral decorations will be the enchanting backdrop to the event.

Here are the professionals who will animate these highly original workshop:

The Brides of Giuseppina Caselli

caselli_giuseppina_sposacaselli_giuseppina_sposa2 caselli_giuseppina_sposa_3

Andrea Bartolozzi, Photographer
Captures the spirit of the moment and of the protagonists, with shots that enchant, photos from which emerge happiness and sweetness, absolutely original and unconventional.


The makeup for a special day has to be just perfect!

Makeup Edonè, Dress The Brides of Caselli Giuseppina

Makeup Edonè, Dress The Brides of Caselli Giuseppina Luigi Giubilei Hairstyle

A particular attention to the hairstyles for the bride, in addition to the choice of the cut and makeup that are best suited to the style of the bride, our team provides and personalized advice for the day of “yes”.

Luigi_giubilei_dolce-e-gabbanaemilio-pucci-fasto-barocco.Luigi_giubileiProgram of the day:
Sunday, March 30th marzo 2014 opening hours 10.00 till 20.00
Throughout the day will wind the various stages of preparation of a bride, will attend the session of make-up, preparation hairstyle dress up to the test. You can experience live, every moment, including times when the photographer will pose the bride for photographs. An absolutely original event in which you all will be the protagonists.We look forward to Sunday, March 30, from 10.00 in Lacole Casa Italiana.
Corner candy and dessert from pastry shop: Pasticceria Chieli
Floral decorations: I fiori di Nicoletta
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