Surrounded by the hills of green Umbria and Tuscany, Lacole Casa Italiana was born as pioneer project in the fine antique materials.

Since when sixty years ago Dante Radicchi, partly because of passion, partly by intuition, began, as a true forerunner and pioneer of this field, to recover materials and timeless objects, Lacole Casa Italiana has made an ascent that led to the top of the sector.

The quality and quantity of the material, the professionalism and friendliness of the staff, the hospitality and charm of the show-room, make any purchase exclusive, elegant and classy.
Lacole Casa Italiana is now a showroom of 30.000 square meters, which proposes areas of the ancient italian homes. Two floors of spectacular scenery and a huge warehouse outside.

Always love the clarity, transparency! This is why it is our materials, from restructuring to the period furnishings, such as our elegant objects are on display so that customers can see them, touch them, taste them and also figure out them in their own home, this through all the corners that we have created in the showroom.

Lacole Casa Italiana over the years has transformed accompanying the traditional sectors (fireplaces, building materials, tile floors and stone, wood and parquet floors, decorative elements such as columns, statues, portals, amphorae, etc..) with period furniture and antique objects and in style, ceramic, glass and iron, textiles, elegant wallpaper.
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